Happier days with Ace

UST Varsitarian Sports Section (SY 2000-2001)

At the Punta Baluarte Summer Team Building/Amihan’s Night

UST Varsitarian Sports Section (SY 2000-2001) – Clockwise:  Dexter Matilla, Aileen Rae Perez, Darell Dizon, and the late Christian Ace Pasco.

Amats Squad

Last Amats Squad convention at Punta Baluarte, Batangas- Clockwise: Christian Bautista, Karen Peña, Stephen Patricio, Carlo Isla, Carlo Marudo, Michelle Dompor, Eldric Peredo, the late Christian Ace PAsco. A! Perez, Marlon Castor, Treb Monteras, Marisse Joson.


4 Responses to “Happier days with Ace”

  1. 09.22.2007 bandang 10:12 umaga

    People may not live forever, but memories will. 🙂

  2. 2 kengkay
    11.05.2007 bandang 9:09 hapon

    at least you’ve got good memories together..

    yeah… buti na lang…. (hikbi)

  3. 3 Karen
    02.13.2008 bandang 4:51 hapon

    i coincidentally landed on this site…


    good or bad memorie..it’s worth reminiscing. :p

    yeah, ace was part of the best years of my life and for that, i’ll forever be grateful…

    thanks for droppin’ by!

  4. 4 Carlo Marudo
    01.03.2009 bandang 6:39 hapon

    Ace was a good man, a great friend, and even more as a father. the Amats squad will miss you bro.

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