KMJS Halloween Special

This is where we “opened” the third eye of our case study for KMJS. 

The place is called Mt. Banawe Hospital in Quezon City.  Really spooky. Complete with peeling paint and plaster off the walls. 

Old hospital stuff like wheelchairs and IV were left inside.  The place makes for a perfect horror movie set, and true enough, a lot of people talked about ghost sightings in the area. Even our psychic companions told us about their gruesome visions while we were ghost hunting (which includes a demon who’s the “Big Boss” of the whole place… yeah.)

At past 1 am, I heard a female voice humming something to the tune of Agot Isidro’s “Beggining Today” while we were shooting our re-enactment.  That moment, there were only three girls in the group, and none of us were in a humming mood, considering we still have to shoot at the Manila North Cemetery after.

Our talents were freaked out, but being the “responsible” producer that I am, I shrugged off my own fear and hummed along with the “mysterious” voice. Creepy.

And could someone please explain why our three mini-dv batteries, which were fully-charged before our shoot, were drained minutes after using them on location?

Our psychic companion told me that  ghosts are “energies,” and they have the ability to sabotage our equipment if they want to.

I believe there is a scientific explanation. Watched something from NatGeo that explains this phenomena. Something to do with the electromagnetic force in the area… Still, I can’t help but wonder… Why of all places, should the electromagnetic force be stronger in a haunted, abandoned building such as MBH?

Managed to steal a few clicks while on location. Maybe some of you can spot “real” ghosts in these pics?:

At the stairway to third floor.

Minor Operating Room entrance.

Inside the Delivery Room.

Can’t decide which shot is better…

My Cameraman at work.

What used to be the Operating Room.


3 Responses to “KMJS Halloween Special”

  1. 11.20.2007 bandang 5:41 hapon

    the photos are crisp. nice cam.
    ahm… you’re right. it looks dArn creepy.
    yung shot sa delivery room, yung first mas maganda. greenish and spooky
    in a special way.
    grainy na yung pangalawa pero panalo pa rin dahil may epek na kakaiba.
    hmmnss… creepy and grainy.

    salamat ice! alam mo bang cellphone camera lang yan? k810i… ganda ng resolution no?

  2. 2 Arvie
    01.22.2008 bandang 6:55 hapon

    hello po..itatanong ko lang po kung kailangan pa po ba ng permit or kung ano po ba yung kailangan gawin para po makapasok dun sa abandoned hospital,,kasi po gagawa po sana kami ng research about paranormals and yun po yung naisip naming location.help po!!

    hi! i forgot na ‘yung contact number ng contact namin dun, pero pwede mong sadyain ‘yung place, sa may kahilera ng Ma Mon Luk sa Quezon Avenue, ipagtanong niyo yung hospital, just after the overpass yun, going to EDSA… good luck!

  3. 3 Arvie
    01.25.2008 bandang 9:24 hapon

    hehe!!!thank you po!!!


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